To fulfill its commitment to advance research on Mormonism outside the United States, the Claremont Mormon Studies Program awards grants ranging from $500 to $3000 to support projects carried out by scholars studying global Mormonism. The research projects can be either collaborative or individual.

These grants provide support for various expenses incurred in the production of research, such as travel, field work, equipment, translation, transcription, child care, research assistance and publication expenses. Other forms of scholarly and creative production, such as video documentaries or websites, may also be considered for support.

Grant recipients must produce a report of progress or preferably a complete draft of their chapter or article by April 2019 and must also acknowledge the Claremont Mormon Studies Program in their published work.

Grant applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis through March 2019, but grant applications received by October 31, 2018 will receive priority.

To apply please submit:

  • COVER PAGE: include your name, institutional affiliation (if applicable), project title, grant type (individual or collaborative), requested grant amount (USD)
  • PROJECT BUDGET: include budget items with amounts; explanation of these expense items can be included in the project description
  • PROJECT DESCRIPTION (maximum 700 words): description of the research project that details its aims, significance, and timeframe for progress, explanation for how award would be used
  • CURRICULUM VITAE: no more than two pages

Applications will be judged on the overall project quality, the clarity of the research question, its contribution to our understanding of Mormonism outside the United States, and indication that significant progress will be made before April 2019.

Application should be emailed as a PDF attachment to Caroline Kline, Research Assistant Professor, Claremont Graduate University,