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“By Study and Faith”: A Virtual Fireside Series

The Howard W. Hunter Foundation and Claremont Mormon Studies Council are pleased to announce the inauguration of a virtual fireside series, “By Study and Faith,” coming to your home starting September 13 with Richard Bushman. We envision these evenings as a chance for you to have a more personal connection (via the magic of Zoom) with some of the most distinguished Latter-day Saint disciple/scholars who will address the compelling issues of our time, issues affecting the lives of all of us who are trying to navigate a life of faith, hope, and charity in a troubled and often divisive world.

Fall Schedule for “By Study and Faith” Virtual Fireside Series

October 18, 6:30pm PST: Thomas Griffith on “Civic Charity and the Constitution”
Latter-day Saints claim a special stewardship for the U.S. Constitution. What does that stewardship look like in a time of political tribalism when the nations’ ‘bonds of affection’ are unraveling? Thomas Griffith, former judge on the U.S. Court of Appeals and former General Counsel for BYU, will address these pressing issues that affect every Latter-day Saint living in America today. His insights will be especially timely as we approach the November Presidential election.

November 8, 6:30pm PST: Neylan McBaine on “Thinking Women: Latter-day Saint Leadership in the National Women’s Movement”
In February 1870, a Utah woman — a Latter-day Saint woman — became the first American woman to vote under and equal suffrage law. Latter-day Saint women continued to play a vital and pioneering role in the national women’s advocacy efforts of the 19th century. Over the past three years, Neylan McBaine, author and co-founder and CEO of Better Days 2020, has been amplifying this story and seeing the power it has to change our perceptions of ourselves as members of the Church today. With never-before heard stories, complex personalities and dynamics, and larger-than-life characters, McBaine will explore a forgotten and surprising era of our communal history.

Looking Ahead

January 2021: “Insights from a Church Historian: Why the Joseph Smith Papers Matter” with Chase Kirkham

February 2021: “Voices from the Past: What We Learn About Faith and History from the Making of Saints

We look forward to sharing these virtual fireside events with you!

Past Events

September 13, 6:30pm PST: Richard Bushman on “Art and Vision: An Illustrated Lecture on the First Vision”
In commemoration of the 200th anniversary of the Restoration of the Gospel, Richard Bushman, the pre-eminent scholar of Joseph Smith and the first Chair of Mormon Studies at CGU, shared his insights using the art of the First Vision. Dr. Bushman helped us understand what this Vision meant to Joseph, to the religious world, and most importantly, what it can mean to you and me today. To view this recorded Fireside, click here.