December 20, 2015

2015 Year-End Letter for Howard W. Hunter Foundation

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December 2015

This has been a great year for Mormon Studies at Claremont Graduate University. Two of our students were awarded their MA degrees and two more their PhDs; several others finished their doctoral course work. Two received dissertation research fellowships at the U of U’s Tanner Center; and two more traveled to India and Africa for dissertation research on LDS communities there.

Our already strong reputation received further distinction when Dr. Patrick Mason, our Howard W. Hunter Chair of Mormon Studies, received a Fulbright Fellowship to Romania, where he taught at the West University of Timisoara and conducted research on LDS communities in that country. Patrick’s temporary absence allowed us to bring in BYU’s Spencer Fluhman as Visiting Professor. Spencer’s student courses were a great hit and gave us a welcome additional connection to BYU. We also hosted several superb public events described in our latest Mormon Studies Newsletter (visit for the latest edition and our previous newsletters).

Next year, be sure to join us for an extraordinary March 25-26 conference entitled, “What Does It Mean to be Religious and Free in the 21st Century?,” featuring Elder Dallin H. Oaks as the keynote speaker. In addition, as we study President Hunter in next year’s priesthood and Relief Society, we’ll be inviting you to a special celebration of this remarkable southern California prophet.

Elder Holland had us in his sight when he observed: “The Lord’s work goes forward through the inspiration and spontaneous service of [its] lay members.  The Mormon Studies program at Claremont is at the forefront of this movement. This is an emerging and important way in which the Gospel of Jesus Christ is going forward.”

To help complete Elder Holland’s vision, my wife and I have joined our 20/10/5 Campaign in honor of Newport Beach Temple president/matron Joseph and Marilyn Bentley. This campaign invites at least 20 families to donate $10,000 a year for five years to endow Mormon Studies fellowships for graduate scholars from all religious backgrounds. Other pioneering donors are funding the Robert L. Millet Fellowship endowment for Mormon Studies graduate scholars pursuing CES careers. In addition, the Hanson Family Foundation is generously providing partial fellowships each year to several of our Mormon Studies graduate students. Combined, we’ve raised approximately $850,000 so far in the Bentley and Millet endowments (nearly 30% of our $3 million goal).

Will you and your family join our 20/10/5 Campaign or otherwise make a tax deductible contribution in any amount before the end of the year to benefit our amazing Mormon Studies students?  Just click “Donate” at or mail your investment to the Howard W. Hunter Foundation, 3570 Landfair Road, Pasadena, CA 91107.

President Hunter’s foundation is 100% volunteer with no paid staff. Thus, 100% of your generous investments go directly to scholarships for our outstanding Mormon Studies graduate students. We are deeply grateful for your willingness to include the Howard W. Hunter Foundation within your circle of worthy causes. We wish you and your family a joyous Christmas Season!

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