These newsletters feature articles written by students, professors, and others associated with the Claremont Mormon Studies program.

2023 Fall Newsletter

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  • From the Chair, by Matthew Bowman
  • From the Council Chair, by Christie Frandsen
  • Student Spotlight: Ken Adkins
  • Donor Spotlight: Mehran Nia
  • Podcast: This Global Latter-day Life with Caroline Kline
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2022 Fall Newsletter

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  • From the Chair, by Matthew Bowman
  • From the Council Chair, by Christie Frandsen
  • Student Spotlight: Ben Spackman
  • Donor Spotlight: Jonathan Beutler
  • New Council Member: Maclane Heward
  • New Podcast: This Global Latter-day Life with Caroline Kline
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2020 Fall Newsletter

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  • A Bright and Dynamic Future, by Matthew Bowman
  • From the Council, by Christie Frandsen, Chair
  • Fall Fireside Schedule, featuring Richard Bushman, Thomas Griffith, and Neylan McBaine
  • Claremont Mormon Women Oral History Collection, by Caroline Kline
  • Student Spotlight: Rebekah Call
  • Donor Spotlight: Lanny Britsch
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2016 Fall / 2017 Winter Newsletter:

Are We Religious and Free in the 21st Century?

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  • Soaring to New Heights, by Patrick Mason
  • Events at CGU
  • Religious, Free, and Civil: A major conference on religious liberty features keynote remarks by Elder Dallin Oaks and others
  • Mormon Studies at CGU: How did Mormon Studies Take Root at Claremont Graduate University? It Started with a Broken Ankle
  • Alumni Profile: Amy Hoyt
  • New in Bookstores
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2015 Fall Newsletter

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  • Comings and Goings, by Patrick Mason
  • The “What” and “Why” of Mormon Studies, by Members of the Howard W. Hunter Foundation and the Claremont Mormon Studies Council
  • Tanner Fellowships: Taunalyn Rutherford and Christopher Smith
  • Claremont Mormon Studies – My Epilogue, by Jon England
  • I Think I Can, I Think I Can, by Alan Clark
  • My Experience – Claremont and the Summer After, by Jeff Turner
  • Oral Histories in Africa, by Caroline Kline
  • My Experience as a Mormon Studies Student at Claremont Graduate University, by Elisa Pulido
  • Lecture Summary by Bryan Cottle: Neylan McBaine on Gender in the Church
  • 2015 Spring Student Conference Summary by Jeff Turner
  • Lecture Summary by Randy Powell: Dr. David Holland on (Re)Visions: Revelation and Rewriting among American Visionaries
  • Lecture Summary: Dr. Bob Rees on Reading the Book of Mormon
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2014 Fall Newsletter

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  • The Continuing Relevance of Mormon Studies, by Patrick Mason
  • Claremont’s Mormon Studies Mission, by Stephen Bradford
  • New Summer Dissertation Fellowship, by Elisa Pulido
  • Waterworks in the Holy Land, by Maclane Heward
  • Lecture Summary: Adam Miller on “Early Onset Postmortality”, by Chase Kirkham
  • Lecture Summary: Sheri Dew on “Women in the Church”, by Randy Powell
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2014 Spring Newsletter

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  • A View from Outside, by Craig Rossell
  • Thank You for Being Respectful, by Courtney Rabada
  • Beyond Mormon Studies, by Masom Isom
  • Mormon Scholars in the Humanities at CGU – MSH Conference Summary
  • Student Contributions to Scholarship
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2013 Fall Newsletter

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  • …But What Exactly Do You Do?, by Patrick Q. Mason
  • “And What Does That Mean?” by Christie Frandsen
  • The Critical Comparative Scripture Program and Mormon Studies, by Andrew Smith
  • The Vibrancy of Mormon Studies at CGU, by Alan Clark
  • Expanding Our Circle of Influence, by Lincoln Hale
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2013 Spring Newsletter

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  • Thoughts from the Hunter Chair, by Patrick Q. Mason
  • The Sometimes Messy Process of Perfecting Mormons and Mormon Studies at Claremont, by Steve Bradford
  • Claremont Mormon Women Oral History Project Archived in Honnold-Mudd, by Lisa Clayton
  • Reflections on “Martyrs and Villains”, by Chase Kirkham
  • Reminiscence at the Culmination of Coursework, by Taunalyn Rutherford
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2012 Fall Newsletter

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  • The Expansion of Mormon Studies, by Patrick Q. Mason
  • A New Look at Brigham Young, by Bryan Cottle
  • Under God, Indivisible? David Campbell on American Religion, by Michael Haycock
  • The Heart of Claremont’s Mormon Studies, by Rachel Hunt Steenblik
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2012 Spring Newsletter

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  • A Year of Mormon Studies in the Classroom, by Patrick Q. Mason
  • Our Pioneering Adventure in Mormon Scholarship, by Steve Bradford
  • “The Mormon Brand”, by Elizabeth J. Mott
  • The Media, the “Mormon Moment,” and CGU Mormon Studies, by Bryan Cottle
  • Giving a History to Well-Behaved Mormon Women, by Elizabeth J. Mott
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2011 Fall Newsletter

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  • A Bright Future, by Patrick Mason
  • With an Eye to the Future, by Elizabeth J. Mott and Bryan Cottle
  • Prof. Givens visits CGU, by Jacob Rennaker
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2011 Spring Newsletter

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  • A Claremont Sojourn, by Richard Bushman
  • The End of Our Era, by Claudia Bushman
  • Blessed, Honored Pioneers, by Patrick Q. Mason
  • Farewell, Richard and Claudia, by Armand L. Mauss
  • Farewell to Claudia Bushman, by Caroline Kline
  • Richard Bushman: A Farewell Tribute, by Jacob Baker
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2010 Fall Newsletter

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2010 Spring Newsletter

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2009 Fall Newsletter

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