April 8, 2022

Annual Mormon Studies Conference: A Plurality of Scripture



The 2022 Mormon Studies Conference: A Plurality of Scripture

Made possible by the generosity of The Chen Family

What is scripture? A text that you read? An object that you carry? A story you reenact? The 2022 Mormon Studies Conference brought scholars of various American religious traditions together to consider the concept of “scripture.” It focused on the concept of scripture in the Mormon tradition and in other American religions.

Saturday, April 30, 2022 9:15 AM -5:30 PM PDT

Location Albrecht Auditorium
Claremont Graduate University

Matthew Bowman, Introduction


John Christopher Thomas, “Toward a Pentecostal Theology of Scripture”


Peter Thuesen, “What is Scripture?”


Rosalynde Welch, “‘Even as They Are in Mine Own Bosom’: Work(s) of Scripture in the Latter-day Saint Tradition”


Heather Burrow, Chair and Comment


James Bielo, “Ways of Remaining: Circulating Materialized Scripture”


Megan Sanborn Jones, “Performing the Scriptural Past in Contemporary Mormon Pageantry”


Tom Mould, “Human Saints and Saintly Humans: The (Limited) Democratizing Effects of Personal Scripture among Latter-day Saints”


Rebekah Call, Chair and Comment


Paul Gutjahr, “The Editorial Gods and the Making of Sacred Scriptures”


Sonia Hazard, “Theory From Mormonism: Gold Plates, Mormon Materiality, and the Trouble with Taking Religion Seriously”


Jeffrey Siker, “Scripture as Moving Target”