October 26, 2022

Kalani: Navigating Biraciality in the U.S.

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“I think the thing that has most impacted my life tension-wise about the church is that I remember being taught that we were not supposed to marry outside of our race. As a biracial person, hearing that meant to me that no matter who I married, it wouldn’t be pleasing to God because I’m bringing that into the marriage no matter what. So that’s something I struggled with.” — Kalani

This episode features the story of Kalani, who navigated membership in the church during times when interracial marriage was discouraged. She discusses the difficulties those teachings brought into her life, as well as the challenges of her years as a single mother.

Kalani Tonga joins Caroline in a discussion about Kalani’s own oral history, focusing on the role that the issue of race has played in her own life, as well as the ties she’s developed with the Polynesian community. Kalani is an artist, writer, and the Director at Pasifika Enriching Arts Of Utah.


Kalani Tonga photo

Kalani Tonga