September 13, 2022

Mary-Anne and Sofia: The Drive to Better One’s Life

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Mary-Anne and Sofia: The Drive to Better One's Life
“I never went to school; I never got an education. I learned to read with the Book of Mormon, with the Bible…. I now realize I can stand up and give a talk, give my opinion on certain things, [and] talk and teach when it’s expected of me as a leader in Relief Society. That helped me a lot within the Church and outside of the Church.” — Sofia

This double episode features the stories of Sofia from Mexico and Mary Ann from Botswana, whose lives changed in big but practical ways when they joined the church — gaining literacy and other skills which enabled them to carve out new opportunities.

Melissa Inouye joins Caroline in a discussion about social mobility and practical skill acquisition upon global members’ conversions to the church. Melissa works in the Church History Department of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Our thanks to Sinenhlanhla Bentley and Shiegrid Hernandez for reading excerpts of these oral histories.

Melissa Inouye

Melissa Inouye