November 12, 2015

Patrick Mason in Big Story re: Backlash over LGBT Rule Change

“Backlash over Mormon LGBT rule change spreads among faithful”
by Brady McCombs
The Big Story, November 12, 2015

With the release of a new policy by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints banning the children of gay couples form baptism and membership, many Mormons, even the most faithful and conservative, are struggling with the new procedure. Commenting on the new policy, Patrick Mason (Howard W. Hunter Chair of Mormon Studies at Claremont Graduate University) explained, “The surprising impact has been the amount of people who are confused and troubled and disturbed and, frankly, repulsed. And these aren’t just progressives and LGBT advocates…They are saying: ‘This doesn’t feel right. This doesn’t square with me.’” Moreover, Mason described the release of the policy as “the most damaging public relations move by the church since it urged members in 2008 to bankroll and support California’s gay marriage ban.”

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