September 15, 2015

Patrick Mason on SL Trib Talk re: End of Times

Trib Talk: “Preppers and the end times”
Salt Lake Tribune, September 15, 2015

In mid-September of 2015, Patrick Mason (Howard W. Hunter Chair of Mormon studies at Claremont Graduate University) joined Salt Lake Tribune reporter Jennifer Napier-Pearce and Lindsay Hansen Park of Sunstone Magazine to discuss Mormon views of the apocalypse.

At the time of the discussion a large group of Mormons had began to prepare for the imminent end of the world. Mason reminded Napier-Pearce that in discussing the doomsday peppers “one of the things to keep in mind is this is part of a long tradition, not jut in Mormonism, but in lots of religions have these kind of millennial expectations and for a long time people have been looking up at the skies and trying to figure out the signs.”

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