October 18, 2022

Thabisa: Injustice, Race, and South Africa

Thabisa: Injustice, Race, and South Africa

“He grabbed both my kids by their scruffs. That was the last straw when I saw their frightened faces and tear drops swelling in their innocent eyes.  I just … I saw red—police or no police, I’d had it.  I grabbed [the policeman] by his collar and I gave it to him first with my head—I beat him up before his colleague separated us.” — Thabisa

This episode features the story of Thabisa, who navigated the brutal injustice of apartheid South Africa, and who ultimately found a sense of peace when she joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Kalani Tonga joins Caroline in a discussion about Thabisa’s oral history, focusing on issues of race within the church and the power of the Latter-day Saint community. Kalani is an artist, writer, and the Director at Pasifika Enriching Arts Of Utah.

Our thanks to Dimakatso Mazibuko for reading excerpts from Thabisa’s oral history.

Kalani Tonga photo

Kalani Tonga