A podcast exploring themes in the life stories of global Latter-day Saints

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This Global Latter-day Life features the voices and stories of global Latter-day Saints, as they navigate issues of culture, race, gender, and identity in their lives. Each episode, based on oral histories from Claremont Graduate University’s collections, briefly narrates a global member’s life story, focusing in on a particular theme such as being single, domestic violence, or social mobility. This theme is explored further in the second part of the episode, as host Caroline Kline and a guest scholar or community member discuss the oral history and the issues raised within it in greater depth.

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Caroline Kline is the host and writer of This Global Latter-day Life. She earned her PhD in religion at Claremont Graduate University and is the Assistant Director of the Center for Global Mormon Studies at CGU. Her forthcoming book, Mormon Women at the Crossroads: Global Narratives and the Power of Connectedness, is based on the dozens of oral histories she collected in Mexico, Botswana, and the United States.

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Shiloh Logan is the primary audio editor of this podcast. He is a PhD student in religion at Claremont Graduate University.